Bad Leadership Qualities

Leadership is very important in every aspect of life because leaders play the most important role. They lead the people and inspire others through their performance. So, it is most important that leaders have good qualities that help to motivate others and solve the problems of other people. But many leaders have bad leadership qualities. Because of their bad qualities, they suffer; and the people who follow them also suffer from different problems. In the business world, if the leader is not responsible, he faces many challenges and cannot increase his company’s revenue. Various leaders have bad leadership qualities. Many employees do not work in those organizations whose leaders have bad qualities because when the behavior of the leaders is not good, the morale of the employees is very low and reduces their motivation. Qualities are very important for leaders because these qualities enable them to follow their goals. Many leaders have good qualities and due to these good qualities, they achieve their goals. However, the bad leadership qualities create challenges for the leaders to lead the people and motivate the employees, which are the most basic responsibilities of the leaders.

6 Characteristics of a Bad Leader

A leader is a very important person in the organization because all operations are under his control. Leaders have the authority to do anything in the company. There are many bad leaders present and there are many characteristics of bad leaders. Some of the important 6 characteristics of a bad leader are given below:

1.      Careless

The best leader always cares about the company’s profit and loss and he always takes care of the employees because employees play the most important role in the company. A good leader always cares about each and every aspect of the company that helps to provide him profit such as customers, employees, and the raw material. On the other hand, the bad leaders are careless about the company’s performance and they do not focus on the different areas of the company. Such a leader needs to focus on the production of the company and also follow the policies of the company. It is one of 6 characteristics of a bad leader that affects the company and employees.

2.      Poor Honesty

Honesty is one of the most important qualities of leaders because if the leader is not honest, the employees are also not honest and it is very bad quality of the leaders. Leaders do not improve their business because they are not honest and they have no good relationship with their partners. Honesty is the foundation of a relationship. If the leaders are not honest about how they build a relationship with other people, the company cannot make progress. In the business world, people need to have faith that the information they obtain from the others about the company is correct to do their jobs properly.

  1. Lack of Focus

Focus on leadership is very important because if the leader of the organization is not focused on the mission of the company, the employees do not pay attention to the goals. Thus, the performance of the company is affected. The best leaders are ruthless in their search for focus. Aggressive as well as committed fashion influence need to be useful to those leaders who have lack attention in aspect or attention will be lost. Those leaders who have bad leadership qualities are not deliberate and are not focused, and their company fails to deliver on its promises.

  1. Bullying

Some leaders think bullying is a feasible negotiation tactic and it is not a big matter in the organization. This is very common in the business world but bullying is not good for the employees. It increases the stress of the employees and many of the employees face problems and this has a great impact on their performance of the employees. It is one of the most common 6 characteristics of a bad leader.

  1. Not Listening to Others

Not listening to others is a characteristic of bad leaders. In leadership, listening is a very important skill that helps to increase the rate of understanding. Those leaders who do not listen have always misunderstandings about others. Bad leaders do not listen to other people and they do not trust others especially employees and this quality reduces the efficiency of the production. Listening to the team is something that bad leaders often forget, along with the hassle and frustration of a job. This reason may be the travel schedule, but it does not have to be. Not listening is one of the characteristics of a bad leader that breeds ineffective leadership and it costs the organization a lot.

6.      Lack of Adaptability

Great leaders are those who know how to adapt to the new situation in the company and they are easily adapted to the changes in the company and their personal life. They have the ability to move under any condition and the style of the great leaders is fluid. This is because they move on each and every path to success. They always welcome the challenges and easily solve these all issues. On the other hand, bad leaders lack adaptability and they are not able to adapt to any change on the spot. They take a lot of time to adapt to change because they face many problems.

Poor Leadership Traits

Poor leadership traits can have a negative impact on the performance of the team because the employees face different problems. These leadership traits need to be changed because it has a negative impact on the employees and the other followers who follow the leader. Some of the poor leadership traits are given below:

  1. Poor Time Management

The bad leaders have no ability for time management and they do not focus on the completion of tasks on time. They pay less attention to their work and promote a political environment in the organization. It is one of the poor leadership traits. Mismanagement of time is a poor leadership trait. Time management is very important in the business world because if the leader does not manage the time, he faces problems with the employees and the customers. Besides, the employees also do not manage time, and the result is that the company does not provide its products and services to its customers on time. The performance of the company in the business world is affected due to poor time management.

  1. Environment of Organization

Poor leadership traits have a great impact on the environment of an organization as they do not promote their team members. The environment of the organization is very necessary for the employees because it influences the employees’ performance. If the environment is good, the performance of employees is also good. However, the negative environment of the company discourages them.

  1. Lack of Flexibility

Flexibility is a very important quality in every individual because it helps to understand the situation and also helps to solve the problem with concentration. So, the leaders should focus on flexibility. Good leaders are flexible and they easily understand the situation. The bad leaders lack flexibility because they do not understand the situation and react very fast and behave very badly with the employees. Thus, they should focus on flexibility because it is very skill to improve the performance of the company in the business world.

  1. Poor Communication

Poor communication is one of the traits of poor leadership because poor leaders are unable to communicate with their team members. Communication is the way to increase creativity but they do not increase their creativity due to their poor communication. They do not consider the suggestions of other people and prefer only their favorite individual’s suggestions. Leaders should focus on communication because it helps to motivate the employees and followers. They help to increase understanding of the people.

  1. Biasness

Poor leadership creates biases in the organization. There is no value for talent in the organization. The people who are working hard and contributing to the success of the organization and those who are just sitting lazy and getting salaries all are equal which shows that there is no justice in the culture of the company. Sometimes leaders do not take fair decisions and do many mistakes. Because of these mistakes, discrimination is very high in the company.

  1. No Adaptability

The poor leaders have no stamina to adopt the changes in management and other activities. They prefer to stay on the traditional methods of leading. They do not prefer the technological changes in the organization and stay stuck on the traditional methods of solving problems. This has a negative impact on the growth of the organization.

  1. Lack of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is very important for leaders because it helps to improve their mistakes and also helps to increase performance efficiency. The bad leaders have a lack of self-awareness. They think they are right and others are wrong. They also misuse their power.

Attributes of Bad Leadership

Bad leadership has a great impact on the performance of the organization. It reduces the chances of promotion and the company stays stuck in the same position. Many leaders face challenges because of their bad attributes. Some of the attributes of bad leadership are given below:

  1. Not Recognizing the Efforts

It is one of the attributes of bad leadership in which the hard work of other people is not appreciated and there is no reward or contribution. Whatsoever the employees do, there is no recognition and they do not get any rewards as well, which demotivates them. Their job performance is also reduced and they quit the organization.

  1. Disrespecting

Most of the time the leaders do not respect their subordinates and insult them with little mistakes. This demotivates the employees and they do not consider themselves part of an organization. As time passes, their performance at work reduces. It has a negative impact on the goodwill of the organization. Respect is very important for each person because everyone deserves respect. Leaders should respect the employees and the customers because respect is very useful to improve their relationships with others.

  1. Failure in Communication

Poor leadership faces a failure in communication with the employees and there is no bonding between the employees and leaders. Communication can resolve many issues.  Similarly, different suggestions by team members can solve the problem immediately. The bad leaders try to focus on their ideas and do not even ask others. This means that they show selfish behavior. The leaders should focus on communication because communication is the way which is used by the people to exchange ideas. It also helps to build relationships with the people. So, poor communication is a very harmful attribute of bad leadership.

  1. Personal Motives

Bad leaders have their personal motives and they do not work for the welfare of the organization. Whatever satisfies their inners, they do that activity without even thinking that how it will impact the organization. Thus, the leaders should focus on the company’s motives and build their self-strong. They should be ready to adapt to the situation and find out the solution with the right focus.

  1. Poor Leadership Qualities

Leadership qualities, as well as management, have a great impact on the performance of employees.  If the leadership is strong, then it is expected that the organization will be successful. If there is no management of tasks and employees in the organization, then the loss of the organization, in the long run, is expected. Poor leadership qualities affect all those people who are related to the organization such as customers, employees, etc.

  1. No Check and Balance

In weak leadership, there is no check and balance of management on the business activities in the organization. This shows that employees have no responsibility and no one asks them how they are contributing to their tasks. Good leaders focus on the check and balance in the company because it helps to manage all expenses. On the behalf of the check and balance, the company’s conflicts are reduced and many people get benefits from it. This is because it helps to reduce the expenses of the company.

  1. No Competition

In weak leadership, there is no focus on competition, and the emerging organizations gain a competitive advantage, which reduces the chances of growth of the organization. They do not focus on the technological advancements in the organization as well. Competition plays an essential role in the business world because it provides many benefits to the company. If there is no competition for the company, it is possible the company would neglect the technology development as well as cost reduction efforts.  There are many disadvantages of no competition from the company such as poorer customer service as well as lower levels of trust. It is a weakness; thus, the leaders should focus on the competition. This is because competition improves the efficiency in the performance of the leaders.

  1. Low Motivation

The bad leaders have low motivation for themselves. Similarly, they are unable to motivate the team members to perform better. This hurts their performance. Motivation is very necessary for the employees and the leaders as well because it increases the productivity in the company and it also increases the revenue of the company. Motivation is the best way to increase the efficiency of the work of the employees. So, the leaders should focus on the motivation of the employees. Bad leaders do not motivate the employees, and because of the low motivation, the employee’s performance is also affected.

Characteristics of a Bad Follower

A follower is a person who follows and admires a particular person and inspires by the different actions that he has done. Followers learn from the leaders and their advice because they like and admire them. Followers are very important for leaders because the leaders’ responsibility is to inspire and motivate followers. The followers have both good and bad qualities that affect themselves and the leaders. There are many characteristics of bad followers, some of them are given below:

  1. Judgment

Bad followers judge the leaders negatively and criticize them. They criticize each and everything of leaders. Many followers judge the people and abuse them because of their actions but it is not a good quality of followers. To judge someone is not good because your judgment hurts someone. Judgment is the characteristic of bad followers and due to this, many leaders face problems. Thus, followers should avoid judging the leaders.

  1. Dishonest

Honesty is very important in life because it helps to develop different and good attributes in the person. Honest people are trustworthy. There are many followers of the different leaders who are dishonest towards them. They tell lies about their leaders and they superficially show that they follow them but actually, they do not. It is a bad leadership quality that has a great impact on the leaders. If the followers have bad qualities, they suffer from different problems. On the other hand, good followers have the ability to respect leaders and focus on all pieces of advice because honesty and respect are very important in life.

  1. Ego Management

Good followers know well how to control their egos because the ego is the factor that has a negative impact on the people as well as their own personality. Bad followers have no idea how to control their ego and they behave toward the leaders with ego. Because of their ego, they do not achieve anything in their lives and they do not understand the advice of leaders that might increase their performance and solve their problems. But the bad followers do not understand the right things in their life. Thus, they should focus on the control of the ego because it will be very helpful for them.

  1. Work Ethics

Work ethic is significant in the workplace and makes followers good workers. They always follow different tips and tricks to build a good environment for the company. The culture of the company influences the employees’ performance. If the employees have poor management skills, they face problems. But in some time, many employees gain different benefits from leaders. Still, they do not behave well in the company because they are bad followers. So, they need to focus on work ethics. Because of the actions of bad followers, the other employees of the company face problems because bad followers affect the whole company’s environment. Followers do not focus on the work ethics that shows the characteristics of the bad followers.


What is bad leadership?

Leadership is the process in which a person leads a lot of people by the use of different skills. A leader has a lot of responsibilities and he must fulfill all his duties. All the followers depend upon their leader. Poor leaders fail to update others on decisions that they make. They have no clear vision.  They assume all the things and think that others have the same opinion as them. They do not have a good relationship with their followers and do not motivate them. They don’t ask for feedback, and they are dismissive of it when others give them feedback.

What are the characteristics of a bad leader?

There are some characteristics of bad leaders, some of them are given below:

  • Carelessness
  • Poor honesty
  • Lack of focus
  • No clear vision
  • Bullying
  • Not listening to others.

What are the Attributes of Bad Leadership?

Bad leadership not only affects the performance of the organization but also affects the employees. Under bad leadership, organizations do not work properly as there is no creativity in the organization. There are many attributes of bad leadership, which are given below:

  • Not recognizing the efforts
  • Disrespecting
  • Failure in communication
  • Poor leadership qualities
  • No competition
  • No check and balance

What are the characteristics of bad followers?

The follower is the person who follows and inspires another person and his actions. A follower does all of those things that his leader does. Many leaders have bad followers, and there are many characteristics of bad followers. Some of them are given below:

  • Bad followers always negatively judge their leader.
  • They are dishonest
  • They have no work ethics and they always create problems for their leaders.


It is concluded that leaders have different responsibilities and the most important one is that they have many people to lead. So, they should have good qualities and do good actions that help to inspire others. In the world, many leaders have bad qualities and their qualities affect the company’s performance and the employees’ performance. Many people do not manage time and they face issues in the management. It is bad quality of the leader. Leaders have both good and bad qualities and these qualities influence the people because many people admire the leaders and follow each and every action of the leader.  Followers are very important for leaders because if there is no follower of the leader, he is not a leader, he is only a regular person. So, followers are very important and they have also good and bad qualities that influence the leader’s performance.

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